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Dear Facebook

NOT THIS AGAINDear Facebook,

Add Movies You’ve Watched? WHY???? As a recommendation to the people I connect with via Facebook? Well guess what. The number of movies I’ve watched is much larger than the number of movies I would recommend to anyone I liked and respected.

I’m trying to imagine a universe where anyone gives a flying f*** what movies I have WATCHED. However, occasionally people are interested to know which movies I admire enough, for whatever reason, to recommend. Why don’t you ask me about that, Facebook?

The other reason why Facebook would inquire about movies I’ve WATCHED is to recommend other ones to me, as they have lately taken to doing. But what if I hated 99% of the movies I’ve watched? (Not true, but just as an example.) Why on earth would I want to know about more movies that are LIKE THEM?

And. Even if Facebook recommendations were based only on a complete list of films I have already recommended to other people, in my pantheon of personal hits – so what? Does Facebook not think that I already have a list several pages long, of movies I’d like to get around to seeing? Because movie viewing is never random. Anything I watch nowadays is based on solid reasons and because it’s been on the to-do list, the very long list, for a long time.

And. I don’t watch a lot of movies these days anyway. Between survival and a quaint fondness for a little something called DOING MY OWN CREATIVE WORK, there isn’t much time.

So take your algorithmically derived recommendations, Facebook, and place them gently where the sun don’t shine. About my algorithm, you have not a clue.

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