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Some are great standalone lines. Some are perfect in the context of the situation, in the film.

“You are French, and not in the best sense of the word.”
Two English Girls

“He had an ethical bypass at birth.”
Wall Street

“I’m all growed up and haired over.” Lily (Amy Irving) to her overprotective daddy
Honeysuckle Rose

“You know what? I am better than you.” Michael (Nicholas Cage) to the bad guy
Red Rock West

“At least it’s about a kid.” Joe, giving his lady friend’s son a copy of The Painted Bird
The Buddy System

“Ya know, from where I sit, Kay is steppin’ way outta her range with that woman.”
Desert Hearts

“How do you fight a helicopter with bows and arrows?”
“How you gonna beat an enemy that fights helicopters with bows and arrows?”
Garden of Stone

“If I gotta be afraid in order for your argument to work, you ain’t got no argument.”
Medium Cool

“We’re more fucked than a whore at closing time.”
Dead Man

“Long time no see, Ms. Parker.”
“I’m handling it.”
Desert Hearts

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