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It’s easy to see why this film is talked about wherever horny cinemaphiles gather. My goodness, what these folks get up to. In the Realm of the Senses is a real f*ckathon complete with dangerous games, and I bet it’s the first erotic film that involves a 68-year-old woman as one of the participants. And these people are screwing to music that sounds a little too much like Yoko Ono.

The guy lights a cigarette while the woman is copping his joint. This seems rather cavalier and disrespectful. But at the end, he lets her strangle him to death and cut off his dick, so I guess it’s fair.

Japanese fiction, like that of just about any other language, includes a tradition of the “poison woman.” In the late 1890s and early 1900s, Japanese women who were actually convicted of crimes found this useful. Their memoirs and confessions constituted a very popular genre. Quite often these women were politically motivated, and used their notoriety to raise awareness of the society’s shortcomings.

In 1936 Abe Sada choked her lover to death and then removed his penis with a knife, and books by and about her became bestsellers. It was probably more about mental illness than about politics, but many commentators did find a political slant to her story and she became, for one reason or another, quite a folk-hero. She was released from prison five years after the lust murder.

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