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Trainspotting (1996)


Various ads say, “The best reviewed movie of the year,” “A great film,” “Massively entertaining,” and – best of all – “Hilarious.”

Oh, right. This thing has all the humor of a syphilitic chancre. A massively depressing opus about people with empty worthless lives, who don’t even have the honor that is, according to legend, supposedly found among thieves. Users of other people, one and all, including the psychotic guy whose only answer to anything is to pull out a knife.

Starts with a whole bunch of rhetoric from the protagonist in voice-over, about how stupid modern life is, and that’s why the only possible answer is heroin. By the end, he’s not even faithful to his own principles, but sells out to take part in that same horridly worthless life that was his rationale for staying stoned. There’s not an attractive character in the bunch except perhaps the precocious schoolgirl he fucks. A lot of nowhere people without a single value amongst them. Some ranting about being oppressed by England, and how the only possible response to it is to be a thieving junkie. Shit. This movie sucks.

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