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This is a twisted psycho movie for sure. A nice family of three – Mom, Dad, and little boy – heads for their vacation home, towing a boat. They stop to ask Uncle Fred for help in launching. Shortly, Uncle Fred arrives with a typical preppy-looking young man who is visiting. The dog barks maniacally at the young man, and the little boy asks why Uncle Fred is acting so strange.

Another young man shows up to ever so politely harass the mother in the environment where she formerly felt most secure and in charge – her own kitchen. Before long, both Peter and Paul are on the scene, subjecting the nice family to a reign of terror. Of course the first thing they do is kill the dog. The mastermind psycho teen is Michael Pitt, who can do vacant, soulless evil very well indeed.

One of the points made here is, how misguided a defense system can be. For instance, the little boy has a good shot at escaping, but he can’t get over the gate to leave the property. Repeatedly, we see how the family’s security becomes their prison. Their up-to-date high-tech phone is rendered useless by dropping it in the dishwater. Their lovely solitude becomes the isolation that kept prisoners on Devil’s Island from escaping or attracting help.

The little boy gets killed, and one of the interesting things is how the parents just put it out of their minds in order to concentrate on escape or survival. That huge horrendous fact, their son dead on the living room floor, is quickly assimilated and then shoved aside for later consideration.

There’s an amazing scene where the Ann (Naomi Watts), tied at the ankles and with her wrists secured behind her back, manages to get up and hop around. In the wake of the wreckage and violence in which the boy was killed, the first thing she does is make her way over to the television to turn the effing sound off. I can dig it. This woman must be in incredible physical condition. It’s a scene that, as an actress, you wouldn’t want to shoot more than once.

The husband has been crippled by one blow to the knee with a golf club. He can’t walk at all. All he can do is stay home and try to dry out the cell phone, while Ann goes for help. Of course the gilded youth are still hanging around. They catch her and bring her back.

I recognize these overprivileged, underscrupled young bastards from some of the college kids I’ve encountered around town here. The difference is not one of kind, merely of degree. However, I must say it’s refreshing to see rich kids tyrannize their own class for a change, instead of the peasants. This scary movie is highly recommended. And Michael Pitt is in it.

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